The Catholic University of America sponsors certain faculty, researchers, and specialized staff for H-1B Temporary Worker status. The following criteria must be met for an individual to be sponsored:

  • The position must require at least a Bachelor's degree in a specific field and specialized training or knowledge, and the employee must meet the minimum requirement at the time of application. Positions which require any Bachelor's degree or no degree at all do not qualify.
  • The position cannot be a temporary position. The benefits offered to employees in H-1B status must be the same as those offered to other employees in similar positions.
  • The position must be full-time.
  • The Department must cover all USCIS fees relating to the application. Exception: If the request for premium processing is for the employee's personal reasons, the premium processing fee can be paid by the employee.
  • The approval of the Department Chair, supervisor and Department Administrator must be obtained. Although general information may be discussed beforehand, the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) will not initiate Catholic University-sponsored H-1B applications until approval is received from the Department.
  • The Department agrees to pay the reasonable costs of the foreign national's return transportation to their home country should the Department terminate their employment before the expiration of the employment approved by USCIS.

Please note that Human Resources and/or Faculty policies with regard to employment apply, and nothing in these requirements imply otherwise.

All paperwork related to Catholic University-sponsored H-1B petitions must be filed by ISSS to ensure accuracy and consistency of University information that is sent to the U.S. government. Use of outside attorneys is not permitted unless approved by ISSS.


  • An individual can hold H-1B status for a maximum of 6 years. However, USCIS cannot grant H-1B status for more than 3 years at a time.
  • Extensions beyond the 6th year may potentially be possible if a permanent residency application has been filed and meets certain conditions.

The Required Wage

  • Employers sponsoring individuals in H-1B status are required to pay at the prevailing wage level as defined by U.S. Department of Labor. This wage will vary depending upon occupation, level of responsibility and the relative wages paid by the University and the wages paid by area employers for the position. The University must do two wage comparisons.
  • Once these wage levels are determined, The University is required to pay the higher of either the actual wage or the prevailing wage. The University must pay at least 100% of the prevailing wage.
  • It is extremely important that the department not misrepresent any fact or situational development. In the event that Catholic University of America is audited by the US Department of Labor, USCIS or other local, state, or federal agency, the hiring department is responsible for any misinformation it provided, not ISSS.
List of LCA Violations and DOL Penalties