One of the cornerstones of this sort of application are letters from experts in the field that clearly describe the employee's standing in the field, the employee's contributions to the field and their significance. These letters can also help to establish:

  • standing in the field
  • significance of contributions
  • that the individual meets any of the eligibility criteria described above.
Letters should come from experts in the field who are familiar with the individual's work and are willing to write letters on his/her behalf in support of the petition. Immigration appears to give greater weight to letters from individuals who have not worked closely with the individual. If someone is an expert then people who have not worked in the same department know of their work. Individuals should represent as varied a group as possible, should come from inside the U.S. and abroad, and as appropriate to the field and the individual's standing in the field:
  • Academic institutions
  • Government institution
  • Business community
  • Professional Associations

International Student and Scholar Services will formally write to these individual to request the letter and provide guidance on the criteria for the letter and make suggestions regarding wording and tenor of the letter and providing specific instruction on where the letter should be sent.