Catholic University has tried to simplify the process as much as possible. The bulk of the work is done up-front in the collection of supporting documentation and letters. the process is fairly straightforward, but can take some time:

  • Catholic University's department AND the foreign national request initiation of sponsorship process by completing their respective portions of the request form.
  • Foreign National contacts individuals who have agreed to write letters in support of the petition to formally ask them to write letters in support, and providing them with guidance for writing the letters.
  • ISSS awaits letters from the experts. This can take a while to get, depending upon the responsiveness of the letter writers.
  • ISSS prepares the USCIS forms for the Provost's signature and notifies department of need for filing fees.
  • ISSS finalizes the petition and sends to USCIS.
Needed from… … For Initial Sponsorship: … For Extension:
CUA School/Department:

CUA O-1 Department Request form

Check for filing fee (wait for notification from ISSS before requesting)

O-1 Extension Request form - Department portion

Check for filing fee

International employee:

O-1 Sponsorship Request form - employee portion? Copies of CV, diplomas

Copies of passport, current immigration documents if in U.S.

Letter in support of petition

Documents supporting petition (see check list on request form)

O-1 Extension request - employee portion

Copies of current immigration documents

Letter in support of petition

Copies of any publications, lectures, awards, recognitions since getting original CUA-sponsored O-1