The following documents are needed when applying for TN status:

  • Proof of citizenship
  • Detailed letter from the employer that:
    • Indicates it is an occupation covered by the treaty
    • Describes the job duties
    • Describes the educational/professional qualifications of the individual
    • Describes the terms of employment (length of appointment, salary, etc.)
  • Evidence that the job is one of the occupations covered by the treaty
  • Evidence that the individual has the required education, license, etc for the position (diplomas, transcripts, licenses, etc.)
  • Statement that this is a temporary employment
  • Application fee


Extensions of TN status can be done either through a formal petition to USCIS or through travel. Many TN status holders find it convenient to apply for their extensions during a trip to their home country. However if travel is not a convenient option, then it is possible to apply for an extension through USCIS by filing an application for extension of nonimmigrant status (Form I-539) with the Vermont Service Center.