OIS seeks to provide optimal educational experience for international students, faculty, researchers and other visiting scholars coming to the University. OIS is the office responsible for institutional compliance with immigration-related regulations governing study and employment.

In close consultation with University Deans and academic departments, the division of Enrollment Services, Human Resources, and the Office of General Counsel, OIS works with elected and appointed government officials, with public and private groups, and with colleagues at other institutions to promote and encourage laws and policies that recognize and affirm the benefits of international educational exchange, and to inform and advise government officials when proposed legislation or regulations may have negative effects on international students and scholars in the U.S.

With respect to international students, OIS works closely with The Office of Admissions (Graduate and Undergraduate) to issue the appropriate immigration documents needed to bring students to Catholic University's campus. Once the students arrive on campus, OIS helps students adjust to life in the U.S. and advises them of applicable immigration regulations governing their legal stay. OIS manages the University's on-going federal reporting responsibilities for the international students it has sponsored.

With respect to international faculty, researchers and visiting scholars, OIS works with the university departments and schools and Human Resources to formulate an appropriate strategy for bringing the foreign national to campus. OIS serves as a resource for University offices, department and schools on employment-based immigration-related issues. When appropriate, OIS prepares any necessary immigration-related paperwork needed to bring the individual to campus. As with international students, OIS helps the international scholars adjust to life in the U.S. and navigate through the initial stages of establishing life in the U.S. OIS works with University Schools and departments in formulating a strategy for retaining international employees longer term, when appropriate.