All non-U.S. citizens are legally required to notify the Department of Homeland Security of any changes of their physical address in the U.S.. This notification is supposed to occur within 10 days of moving.

F & J Status Holders

The address notification process is simpler for those individuals who hold F, M, and J status. Since their information is maintained in the Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIIS), they simply notify their F, M or J sponsor of their new address. The designated school official or the responsible officer then updates SEVIS to reflect the new address. CUA-sponsored students and exchange visitors should complete a Notification of Change of Address for Students and Scholars and return it to the Office of International Services. OIS will update SEVIS on their behalf.

All Others

Anyone who does not hold F or J status must notify Immigration directly of their new address. This can be done either by filing a paper form AR-11, or electronically. USCIS has prepared a useful page that provides basic information on how to notify them of your change of address.

If you move while an application is pending with USCIS

If you have an application pending with USICS and you move while it is still pending, you should complete either the on-line notification or send in the paper Form AR-11. Additionally, since it can take them some time to actually update your record and match the change of address with your pending application, you should contact the USCIS national customer service center (1-800-375-5283) to notify them of your change of address. You should have the receipt number of all pending applications available at the time you call.