Global Fest 2021

April 19-22

Join us for events that celebrate our diverse community and world cultures!
From cooking classes to a comedy show, various events will be offered.

 Tuesday, April 20 – Taste of the World – Cooking with Peru and Italy!

food-3185472_1920-1.jpg3:30 pm Cooking with Peru: Click HERE to register (ZOOM) 

Celebrate the coming warm weather with a serving of ceviche! Javier Bustamante, Director of Center for Cultural Engagement (CCE), will teach you this traditional Peruvian dish. Register TODAY to get the Zoom link and a list of ingredients!



6:00 pm Cooking with Italy: Click HERE to register (ZOOM) 

Join us and make a delicious Italian pastry: Cannoli. In this virtual class with the Catholic University Italian Club, you will learn how to make both cannoli shell and the ricotta cream filling. Register TODAY to get the Zoom link and a list of ingredients! 


Wednesday, April 21 – Taste of the World – Cooking with Japan!

pexels-fat-worm-1772069-1.jpg6:00 pm Cooking with Japan: Click HERE to register (ZOOM) 

Learn how to make authentic Japanese dish: Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake). It is quite popular in Japan and easy to make. Led by Haruka Fesi, staff in the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS), she will teach you this delicious Japanese comfort food. Register TODAY to get the Zoom link and a list of ingredients!

Thursday, April 22 - Earth Day Comedy Hour - Join us for a night of laughs! 

wv-kasha-patel.jpgSpecial Guest: Kasha Patel

Kasha Patel was listed on Thrillist magazine’s “Best Undiscovered Comedians in the US” where she was called a unicorn for her uniqueness. She primarily focuses her jokes on her life as an Indian-American and science, producing one of the only science-themed comedy shows in the nation.

She gave a TEDx talk called “Sneaking Science into Stand-Up” where she shares a series of surprising revelations pulled from her analysis of more than 500 of her stand-up jokes. She has been featured in The Washington Post, BBC World News, Travel Channel, The Science Channel, The Weather Channel, and hosted a mini series on NASA TV.

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Caldwell Hall (limited seating available - the spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis) & IG Live (@CatholicU_ISSS)

This comedy hour is sponsord by PSI Health Insurance