Before Catholic University will issue an I-20 or Form DS-2019, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Student must make a written application to the school, providing the school with transcripts and financial documentation.
  2. The school must review all academic documents and determine that the student meets all conditions for admission to the academic program - including language proficiency. No I-20 will be issued for a conditional or provisional admission to an academic program. If a student lacks the language requirements for the degree program, an I-20 for an English language program can be issued. Upon arrival in the U.S., the student can take a language placement test to test out of the English program and begin the degree program. Should a student test out or be deemed to have the language facility to succeed in the academic program, the I-20 can later be updated to reflect the program.
  3. The school must determine that the student has the financial resources to cover the first year's tuition and expenses with a reasonable expectation of access to funding for succeeding years. In general, students coming to Catholic University for the first time who are funded by government sources should be issued DS-2019s and should hold J-1, not F-1 status.
  4. School must offer full-time academic program for the period indicated on the immigration documents. If the student cannot commence a full course of study by the date indicated as "report no later date" on the Form I-20, then he or she should defer their attendance to the next term when a full course of study is available. This is usually in the Fall or Spring semesters, though a few programs actually do have full-time academic programs that begin in the summer.

Known Full-Time Summer Programs

  • Canon Law
  • Theology & Religious Studies
  • Department of Education
  • Intensive English Program - with confirmation from Director of IEP

Summary of Conditions

  • Complete written application to school.
  • Student documents and records must be approved by the school and program.
  • Financial resources of the student must be reviewed by the school.
  • Full-time academic program is offered to student.