1. Submit your application for admission to The Catholic University of America. Ideally, this should include:
    1. Appropriate test scores and evidence of English language proficiency

    2. Copies of your current passport, I-20 or DS-2019

    3. Evidence of your financial ability to cover the costs associated with studying at Catholic University.

  2. Receive your acceptance to the academic program at Catholic University.
  3. Have your current school complete a Transfer To Catholic University Form and release your SEVIS record to Catholic University.
  4. Catholic University will issue a new I-20 or DS-2019 for the academic program at Catholic University. This document will indicate you are beginning a new program. Please be advised that at this stage of the process, your transfer is not complete.
  5. To finalize the transfer, you will need to report to ISSS within 10 days of the start of class. If you fail to report to ISSS, your transfer will not be finalized. Your legal status in the U.S. may be jeopardized as the automatic maintenance features of SEVIS will automatically terminate your record.